No More Dry Hands In Winter!

dry hands

Winter is a tough challenge for skin. The most vulnerable zones are hands and face, because they are less protected from the cold. This time we will focus on dry hands. No doubt, it’s a problem for a lot of people who live in cold regions. Read this article if you want to find out how to prevent dry skin during winter.

The combination of dry indoor heat and brutal cold outdoors makes it nearly impossible to keep hands soft and moisturized. That’s the negative effect of such radical temperature change. But the good news are that we can prevent dry hands. How? Well, it’s actually quite simple. You just have to follow 4 steps. And we promise – the situation will definitely get better.

#1 Don’t Wash Your Hands Too Often


The most common reason for dry hands is excess washing. Not only does the water do damage, but even moisturizing soap causes dry, cracked skin. Therefore, the rule number one is – don’t wash your hands too often. If you’re at home, don’t wash them without a reason. Wash them when you’ve done something really dirty. And you should consider buying soap that doesn’t contain sulfates. They will do less damage on your hands. Choose soap with a vegetable glycerin base or olive oil based soap. Always check the ingredients before buying!

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