James Mcavoy Donates 60 000 $ To A Cancer Patient

James Mcavoy donates

Actor James Mcavoy’s latest movie is Split. He is also known for X-Men series and many more great movies. He is the star of Hollywood. James Mcavoy often takes part in various charity events and helps people in need. This time actor donated 60 000 $ to a girl who is battling cancer.

Famous actor visited Royal Marsden Hospital to meet patient Kelly Tener. A year ago doctor diagnosed her very rare and aggressive cancer type. Doctors think that she’ll live only two more years.

After nine chemotherapy treatments government is no longer able to pay for it. That’s why family is asking for financial help in order to send their daughter to USA. There she could get a treatment she needs.

Unfortunately, James Mcavoy’s generous donation changes little. Because the surgery in New York costs 500 000 $. And the whole treatment – 1,2 million dollars.

Go to the next page to see the video where James Mcavoy helps people in Uganda!


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