Haters Horoscope: 10 Things Each Zodiac Sign Hates


1. People who throw away money.
2. People who take loans.
3. People who don’t give money back.
4. People who have naughty children.
5. People who don’t keep their promises.
6. People who leave toothpaste tube open.
7. Poetry.
8. People who ask Capricorn to drive them somewhere.
9. Leaving kids home alone.
10. Bad haircuts.


1. Boring people.
2. Fast food.
3. Talking about past.
4. Psychiatrists.
5. Impractical people.
6. People who don’t clean up after their pet.
7. Lack of loyalty.
8. Being a third wheel.
9. Getting their hands dirty.
10. Shy people.


1. Losing sunglasses.
2. Too much heat.
3. Water pollution.
4. People who laugh too loud.
5. People who leave in the middle of a fight.
6. Alcoholics.
7. Missing their grandchildren.
8. Wearing glasses.
9. People who are slow on the road.
10. Cars that are bad for environment.


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