Haters Horoscope: 10 Things Each Zodiac Sign Hates


1. Too much heat.
2. Woolens.
3. Sleeping on a couch.
4. People who show up too early.
5. People who dress badly.
6. Accepting criticism.
7. Violent movies.
8. Ungrateful children.
9. Losing sunglasses.
10. People who steal someone else’s thunder.


1. People who dress better than them.
2. People who drive better cars than they.
3. Ignoring.
4. People who provoke jealousy.
5. Rainy days.
6. Cold weather.
7. Being forced to go to church.
8. Being at home on sunny days.
9. People who ask them to slow down.
10. People who say that Leos can’t flirt.


1. Messy people.
2. People who don’t call back.
3. People who don’t wear watch.
4. People who don’t pay taxes.
5. People who don’t reply to reminders.
6. Wasting time.
7. People who don’t speak grammatically correct.
8. People who curse too much.
9. Emotional drama.
10. Stand-up comedians.


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