Haters Horoscope: 10 Things Each Zodiac Sign Hates


1. People who shuffle their feet.
2. People who don’t call back.
3. Mobile phones that are turned off.
4. Animals in cages.
5. People who are too active on social media.
6. People who can’t dance.
7. People who don’t say what they think.
8. Public transport delays.
9. People who dress casually.
10. Country music.


1. People who brag too much.
2. Disorder and disorganization.
3. Rips in clothing.
4. Bad books.
5. Public disregard.
6. Giving public speeches.
7. People who don’t use deodorant.
8. To be mocked.
9. Fast food.
10. Inability to show one’s wisdom.


1. People who have bad sense of humor.
2. Not being in the center of attention.
3. Stopped clocks.
4. Bad wine.
5. Shoes in which you can’t dance.
6. People who talk slowly.
7. People who walk slowly.
8. Pessimists.
9. Addicts.
10. Broken devices.


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