This Girl Hasn’t Cut Her Fingernails For 3 Years. Check Out The Result!


While some people can’t resist biting their fingernails, Simone Christina is afraid of cutting them. Can you believe it? See pics of her extra long nails! Do you consider it beautiful or tasteless?

This is a story about a girl who has no limits. She started growing her nails in August, 2014. Since then she hasn’t cut her nails even once.

16 year old schoolgirl Simone Christina from Germany became obsessed with growing her fingernails once she realized that all YouTube bloggers have long nails. She was inspired to follow their example. Well, she managed that. Now her nails are 15 cm long!

Painting her nails takes 3 hours. And removing nail polish takes approximately an hour.

Simone Christina admits that life is hard when you have so long nails. She can’t play volleyball, basketball and similar sports. Teachers several times have advised her to cut her fingernails but without success.

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