5 Myths About Breakfast That Are False. Especially #4.

#2 In order to digest breakfast your body wastes too much energy.

That’s ridiculous. Good meal in the morning will help your brain work faster. Those who miss the first meal of the day find it more difficult to concentrate throughout the day. They experience headache more often.

#3 If you miss morning meal you don’t feel hungry.

Actually, it’s the opposite. People who don’t eat in the mornings are desperately waiting for lunch. And then they eat more than they should. Plus they finish their day with a late meal. And it definitely isn’t healthy.

#4 Many people don’t  have an appetite in the morning. That’s why breakfast is not necessary.

The truth is, people who like to eat late at night don’t have an appetite in the morning. That’s why specialists suggest to change such habits. Stop eating at night and start enjoying meals in the morning.

#5 You have to eat a lot in the morning.

It is also not true. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. You should never eat too much. And mornings are definitely not meant for heavy food.


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